Podcast Guest Dinner


Welcome to our Podcast Guest Dinner Series!

A few times each year, we gather together over dinner and drinks with the purpose of fostering connectivity among the terrific guests on the show.

In particular, at these dinners we strive to have a thoughtful conversation about a single idea and to strengthen our network so that our collective resources can help each other.

To accomplish this, we use the following format:

  • Ted sets the stage in advance by sharing the introductory question and the idea we will discuss at dinner.
  • We sit for dinner upon arrival, no later than 6:15pm, to maximize our time on the topic.
  • We do a brief round of introductions – emphasis on brief – with the simple purpose of learning who is at the table.
  • We then do a second round during which each participant shares thoughts on the topic.
    • During this round, we may follow-up and go deeper, keeping in mind we want everyone to have a chance to share.
  • After each guest has presented, we open up the conversation for further exploration of ideas presented.
  • When the seated dinner ends (approximately 8:30pm), we proceed to cocktails, shifting the typical order of drinks and then dinner to allow informal connectivity after everyone is better acquainted.

And to ensure we maximize our time together, please adhere to the following ground rules:

  • For those in for-profit seats, please do not pitch your business.  You should feel free to exchange contact information and follow-up the next day.
  • When giving your introduction, be as brief as possible. Offer your name, title/role, and ante up (answer to the introductory question).
  • Please do not interrupt or make comments on any introduction – any side conversations or tangents take time away from the guests having a chance to introduce themselves.
  • When sharing your perspective on the topic, offer insights, stories, and lessons.
    • Take your time doing so, and do not be offended if I interrupt to allow others equal time.
  • After each guest shares, the remaining guests can ask clarifying questions and we’ll see where the conversation goes.
    • During this dialogue, please be respectful of airtime. And again, please do not be offended if I cut off the conversation or steer it in another direction.
  • When we open up the table for dialogue, please monitor your own air time compared to others.  If you are extroverted, hold back.  If you are introverted, speak up.
  • At cocktails, seek out those attendees who words resonated with you most and perhaps are uncomfortable approaching.  That’s where the magic happens.

Thank you and see you soon!