UTIMCO CIO Britt Harris on Endowment Strategy

“Our strategy for being among the best endowments is to:

– Have a clearly defined culture that is extreme.

– Reconnect to our mission, which is to eradicate poverty through education, advance society through research and help to cure and care for cancer patients and others with debilitating diseases.

– Attract and retain highly talented and high-character investment professionals to the endowment who fit the culture and are energized by the mission.

– Identify the world’s top investment organizations via a Premier List process and then develop deep and unique relationships with those firms.

– Integrate our investment policy with our funding source, which is primarily two million acres of premier West Texas land and the energy-related revenues received from that source, which are expected to exceed $1 billion per year over the next 15+ years.

– Re-examine the role of bonds and gold.

– Continue to use our competitive advantage in co-investments.”

That’s a billion dollars a year (at least) for the next decade and a half.

Trusted Insight Q&A Interview with Britt Harris

Post by Marcelino Pantoja