Hewlett Foundation CIO on Fund Managers

“We’ve got a fairly mature portfolio. This means we don’t have a lot of new managers in and out of the portfolio every year. These are very long term relationships. There might be one or two new managers a year that come into the portfolio, usually on the private side. There might be another one or two on the public side.

We try to keep a concentrated portfolio so if you’re going to bring a manager in, there’s usually somebody on their way out. They’re usually high active risk kind of managers on the public side of it. We usually have watched managers on the private side. If they’re new managers, we probably have watched them through at least two funds before getting involved.”

It takes time, performance, and consistency to build a strong relationship.

Trusted Insight Q&A Interview with Ana Marshall

Ana Marshall, CIO – Hewlett Foundation
Trusted Insight

Post by Marcelino Pantoja