Recruiting Endowment Leaders

“Since 2011, Barrett’s boutique has found new leaders for the endowments of Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, and Emory, among many other major universities. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan picked DBP [David Barrett Partners] to find their first-ever chief investment officer, as did the Catholic Church for its new $3 billion health foundation. Barrett, 60, has worked for weapons contractors, Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds, and a children’s hospital.

‘Two or three years ago, David just started getting every big endowment and foundation search,’ says one investor recently placed by DBP. ‘And once you get a bunch of big accounts, it kind of snowballs. Investment committees are all about covering their asses. If all your peers used David Barrett Partners, you won’t get in trouble for hiring them too.'”

If you are a budding endowment CIO, now you know where to submit your resume.

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Illustration by Patrick Leger, Institutional Investor

Post by Marcelino Pantoja