Monthly Archives: March 2019

Industrial Wealth Behind Philanthropy

Art museums are breaking ties with the Sackler family and are no longer accepting gifts from them. Guggenheim Museum Says It Won’t Accept Gifts From Sackler Family, The New York Times Tate Galleries Will Refuse Sackler Money Because of Opioid...

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Commercializing Research at Harvard

The effort to commercialize research has a long, haphazard history in higher ed. But schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT organize their commercialization efforts through one department. At Harvard that department is called the Office of...

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Trinity Church Real Estate Holdings

Unlike other places of worship in Manhattan that have to sell their air-rights to get by, Trinity Church has been well endowed since it was first chartered more than 300 years ago. It makes sense. If a founding father [Alexander Hamilton] can get...

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