CIO Job Requirements at Penn State

“Penn State has several requirements for finding its new CIO, who will report to David Branigan, the university’s executive director of investment management. For starters, the winner must be a CFA charter-holder. Second, Pomeroy’s successor must have a bachelor’s degree and 12 years of related experience or an equivalent combination of the two. The university’s investment management office prefers a master’s degree in finance or related discipline along with 15 years of related experience.

The university also seeks strong project management and leadership skills. And the next CIO must be a savvy networker and team player, as he or she will be collaborating between the investment management office as well as with the University Board of Trustees, University Corporate Controller’s Office, and peer institutions including the Big Ten endowments.”

Managing a University endowment at the top requires that you master the soft skills as well as the technical skills.

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Post by Marcelino Pantoja