Boston Children’s CIO Phil Rotner on Investment Strategy

A couple of years ago, Phil Rotner shared what distinguished his team’s investment strategy.

I think that when one looks at the world, there are a lot of great organizations out there and many of them share wonderful missions, but they may not have the necessary talent and structure in place to perform.

Like most things in life, it is the people that distinguish us. People can articulate the same strategy, but execute it differently. Critically, we are a team – and I emphasize team – that challenges each other to perform at our collective best. We have high standards. We are people who have been in the industry a long time, have built strong reputations and are able to identify and access the very high-quality managers. It’s that ability to work well together, along with the requisite investment skills and a strong belief in the organization’s mission, that allows our investment strategy to be unique and successful.

Critical to any investment team’s success is having the strong organizational structure and support around them. This includes having a wise investment committee to provide governance and solid investment advice. It also includes having an executive leadership team that is supportive of the investment office. We have been fortunate to have an excellent investment committee and a wonderful executive leadership team at the Hospital. The investment committee and the hospital leadership have given the investment team the necessary trust and tools to create a high performing investment program.

Finally, we always say it comes down to judgment. Judgment is fairly proprietary. Our track record speaks for itself in terms of performance, both on an individual and team basis. That’s what’s different.

People Are The Key To Investment Success: CIO Philip Rotner, Boston Children’s Hospital | Exclusive Q&A, Trusted Insight

By the way, Boston Children’s just celebrated their 150th anniversary.

You can explore a timeline of the hospital’s history on their website.

150 Years Forward, Boston Children’s Hospital

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