UCLA CIO Justin Barton on Emerging Managers

If you are a new fund manager, what type of investor should you look for?

There are so many different types of investors out there, each with different needs and constituencies. You can’t have a one-size fits all investment strategy for clients. You should have a one-size fits all strategy for yourself as a manager. Know what you think is the optimal investment strategy.

We are typically asking our managers to have 90% or more of their net worth in their strategy. They better believe that a portfolio of 10 tech stocks, or 20 consumer stocks, or a 100 stocks across multiple industries is the best investment approach for them. I can guarantee you there is an audience for all three of those portfolios, but it won’t be the same investor.

Too often I see managers who are clearly trying to position their portfolio for “institutional investors” without realizing that it’s a wide space. Appealing to the lowest common denominator is a terrible business decision.

UCLA’s CIO on the Emerging Manager Edge: Raw Honesty, SumZero

UCLA turned one hundred this year.

You can read about the light show on Royce Hall celebrating their centennial.

‘What began as an idea is now one of the greatest institutions in the world’

Light and sound show projected on Royce Hall to launch the centennial year at UCLA.
Photo by Reed Hutchinson on UCLA Newsroom

Post by Marcelino Pantoja