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Gift Policy at Harvard

Should a school return a gift years after accepting it? When asked for the gift policy, [University spokesperson Jonathan L.] Swain offered a statement instead. “The gift policy is designed to ensure that no gift to Harvard will provide a donor...

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Understanding Hedge Fund Risks

There are risks to all forms of investing, especially in hedge funds. The Principles and Best Practices for Hedge Fund Investors lists what those risks are and how to recognize them. Investors should be sufficiently familiar with these forms of...

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Proper Hedge Fund Due Diligence

The Principles and Best Practices for Hedge Fund Investors report was issued during the financial crisis ten years ago. In it you will find a good set of due diligence questions you can borrow to evaluate a prospective hedge fund manager. Proper...

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Building a Hedge Fund Program

If you want to build a hedge fund program, you can study a report issued ten years ago by the Investors’ Committee to the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. To assess the appropriateness of a hedge fund program, questions...

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We currently have enough time before the event to potentially proceed as planned.

We are monitoring the news and will make changes as necessary.

Join us for our inaugural live event

Podcasts with Michael Mauboussin, Morgan Housel, André Perold, James Clear, and Annie Duke

June 18th, 2020 in NYC

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