Khe Hy – Radical Shift from Investing to Purpose (EP.101)

Khe Hy – Radical Shift from Investing to Purpose (EP.101)

Khe Hy rose to be one of the youngest Managing Directors at Blackrock’s hedge fund of funds business. In his 30s he left the industry to explore what would come next. His path led to creating the RadReads blog and coaching about facing fears and insecurities attached to the relationship of psychology and money. Khe has since been dubbed the “Oprah for Millenials” by CNN and “Wall Street Guru” by Bloomberg.

Our conversation starts with Khe’s career on Wall Street evaluating mortgage derivative hedge fund strategies, reaching his lifelong career goals, and then leaving it behind. Ky discusses his path and asks questions that provoke an exploration of the value of money, including the power of asking “Why?”, what to do if you won the lottery, how much to leave behind for your children, the marginal utility of money, and lessons on staying the course on an entrepreneurial path.

Khe’s real-time journey tackles issues that many in our profession face when they take a moment to reflect on their lives. 

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