Martin Whittaker – JUST Capital (First Meeting EP.02)

Martin Whittaker – JUST Capital (First Meeting EP.02)

Martin Whittaker is the founding CEO of JUST Capital, a non-profit created by a group of concerned, influential leaders, including Deepak Chopra and Paul Tudor Jones.  JUST Capital is an independent research organization thanks ranks companies on the issues Americans care about most, with a mission to build a more just marketplace that better reflects the true priorities of the American people. Last year, it launched the JUST ETF in partnership with Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Our conversation covers with Martin’s history of following the money that ultimately led to his position at JUST, defining a “just company”, engaging the public in the polling process, engaging companies in the results, applications of the research including the JUST ETF, common characteristics of companies that rank highly, the impact of the polls on companies, application to private companies, and new initiatives.

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