Be the First CIO at Mount Holyoke Endowment

There is an opportunity to become the first Chief Investment Officer for one of the oldest Seven Sisters schools.

Mount Holyoke wants an experienced institutional investor who has worked as an allocator to asset managers or as a consultant, according to the job description. “This is a great opportunity for someone to contribute broadly across all asset classes,” [executive recruiter Anne] Keating said. Private equity experience is a must, as is identifying with the college’s mission. The CIO will report to Mount Holyoke’s president and “preferably” be based in Boston — not on the South Hadley, Mass., campus — according to the document.

Mount Holyoke Endowment Needs its First-Ever CIO, Institutional Investor

Before you apply, you should study their latest investment report.

The portfolio is broadly diversified with a strong orientation toward investments that seek to deliver equity-like returns over the long term. The overall equity bias in the portfolio allows the College to meet operational needs while preserving the endowment’s purchasing power for future generations by protecting against inflation. The majority of assets in the portfolio, including domestic and international stocks, private equity and private real assets, are expected to produce equity-like returns over time.

Over the years, the College’s asset allocation has moved away from domestic stocks and emphasized nontraditional asset classes such as marketable alternatives and private investments.

Investment Report 2017, Mount Holyoke College

By the way, you will notice at the end of the report that Ellen Ellison is on the Investment Committee. Ellen is the Chief Investment Officer of the University of Illinois Foundation and was also a guest on Capital Allocators.

Episode 27: Ellen Ellison – Playing to Your Strengths

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