Monthly Archives: June 2019

Texas Permanent School Fund History

The Texas Permanent School Fund was one of the first sovereign wealth funds ever created. The Texas Permanent School Fund (Fund) was created with a $2,000,000 appropriation by the Legislature of 1854 expressly for the benefit of the public...

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Job Duties at Columbia Endowment

What are the responsibilities of a Director of Investments inside an endowment? Ongoing development of the portfolio, including the contribution to the investment process at [two] levels: high-level asset allocation and risk management Analysis...

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Endowment Purpose at Duke

Three years ago, Congress asked 56 schools to provide more information on their endowments. Duke responded. Like many educational, cultural and health care institutions, Duke relies on an endowment to provide a permanent source of financial...

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Dartmouth College Budget

Ivy League schools these days are billion-dollar enterprises. The College reported over $1.435 billion in total revenue, including $404 million in contributions and grants, $519 million in program service revenue — meaning tuition, fees, housing...

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