Bowdoin Endowment Performance 2019

The school announced their endowment figures last month.

The Bowdoin investment return of 10.9 percent compares with the median return of 4.9 percent for all college and university endowments during this period as reported by Cambridge Associates, a firm that tracks the performance of foundations and endowments nationwide.

As of June 30, 2019, the three-, five-, and ten-year annualized returns for Bowdoin’s endowment were 13.0 percent, 10.2 percent, and 12.0 percent, respectively—all in the first percentile among comparative college and university annualized returns, where the respective median returns were 8.8 percent, 5.1 percent, and 8.5 percent.

Endowment Return of 10.9 Percent Provides Crucial Support for Student Financial Aid at Bowdoin

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Bowdoin College returns 10.9% for fiscal year, Pensions&Investments

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Post by Marcelino Pantoja