Kip McDaniel – How to Get an Allocator’s Attention (EP.115)

Kip McDaniel – How to Get an Allocator’s Attention (EP.115)

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Kip McDaniel is the Chief Content Officer and Editor-in-Chief at Institutional Investor.  In the early days of Capital Allocators, Kip joined me to share his insights about the CIOs he covers as a journalist. You can find that show in the feed right after this one.

This time, we got together to talk about II’s business and the lessons he’s learned in producing content for allocators.  We cover the four key characteristics of a well-written story, the increasing use of PR firms by asset managers, and the essential importance and tricks of the trade of effectively packaging content. Kip stays true to his roots as a storyteller and offers a few great ones here again.

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