Mike Mauzé – Escape Velocity for CPG Brands at VMG Partners (FM.16)

Mike Mauzé – Escape Velocity for CPG Brands at VMG Partners (FM.16)

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Mike Mauzé is the General Partner at VMG Partners, which is one of those little known, closed capacity private equity firms that a small number of top institutions have loyally invested with since its founding 15 years ago.  VMG manages $2 billion focused solely on building iconic consumer brands and has an astonishing record of delivering a 45% IRR to its LPs since inception.


Our conversation covers Mike’s path from banking to private equity investing, VMG’s thesis in the CPG space, its investment criteria, sourcing, work with portfolio companies, assessment of brands and exit strategy.  We then discuss the firm’s decision-making process, how it built a business with a core group of loyal LPs, and the globalization of brands and work in China.

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