Laurence Siegel – Current Myths and Long-Term Optimism (EP.137)

Laurence Siegel – Current Myths and Long-Term Optimism (EP.137)

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Larry Siegel is the Gary Brinson director of research at the CFA Institute Research Foundation and an independent consultant, writer and speaker. Before his “retirement”, he spent fifteen years as the head of research at the Ford Foundation and a dozen before that at Ibbotson Associates.

Our conversation starts with lessons Larry learned in his time as an allocator and turns to his recent paper describing the 10 Myths of investing, an allocator’s version of Byron Wien’s annual surprises. After walking through each, we touch on his recently released book “Fewer, Richer, Greener,” which offers a case for long-term prosperity and growth, even amidst the unexpectedly challenging times we’re currently facing.

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