Taimur Hyat – After the Great Lockdown (EP.149)

Taimur Hyat – After the Great Lockdown (EP.149)

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Taimur Hyat is the Chief Operating Officer at PGIM, a $1.3 trillion asset manager across public equity and fixed income, private credit, real estate and alternative strategies. Alongside President and CEO, David Hunt, Taimur distills insights from across PGIM’s portfolio teams and shares long-term views on the investment implications of global megatrends annually. Their most recent Megatrends piece, After the Great Lockdown, is the subject of our conversation.

We cover Taimur’s lessons from academic research in economics, management consulting, and Lehman Brothers through the financial crisis, PGIM’s business, and the Megatrends series. We then turn to the latest Megatrends piece and discuss the impact of the pandemic on supply chains, inventory management, weightless firms, commercial and residential real estate, remote work, and purposeful firms. We close with a discussion of investment opportunities coming out of the pandemic.

If you’re as intrigued as I was, you can see all the previous Megatrends reports at pgim.com.

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