“You can take the investor out of investing, but you can’t take investing out of the investor.”

Ted has spent his career studying how the best investors conduct their craft.  Alongside the podcast, he advises managers on content and strategy and allocators on investing. Examples of his work are the following:


CDPQ:  Strategic Advisor.  The giant Canadian Pension Fund asked Ted to help evaluate and develop an investment strategy for an internal silo. Mario Therrien discussed their investing on the show.


WCM Capital Management:  Private podcast host.  Alongside the terrific team at WCM, Ted created and host their podcast, Defy the Fade, and had the opportunity to do a deep dive on the firm.


BBR Partners:  Independent Fund Director, BBR ALO Fund.  Brett Barth is one of Ted’s longest-standing friends in the business and was one of the first guests on the show.  BBR created a RIC for its clients, and Ted sees under the hood of an organization that surpasses even my high expectations from the outside.


Condire Investors:  Strategic Advisor and Offshore Fund Director.  Ryan Schedler manages a specialist resources-related hedge fund. Ted advises Condire on investment and business strategy and serves as a Director of their Offshore fund.


Prevatt Capital:  Advisory Board.  Jonathan Tepper launched an investment fund based on the exhaustive research he conducted in writing The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition and his prior experience as a portfolio manager and entrepreneur.  Ted serves as a sounding board for Jonathan across his investing and business.


Blocktower Capital:  Advisory Board.  Ted help Ari Paul and Matthew Goetz with the business and strategy around their leading blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise.


Prosek Partners:  Joint venture.  Jen Prosek is a force.  Ted and Jen collaborate on different projects for her top clients to enhance their efforts through the audio platform.