CFA Institute Primer on Alternatives

The CFA Institute published a primer on alternatives. It defines alternative investments as anything that is not an ordinary stock or bond. Alternatives, then, have three primary attributes, any one of which can cause an asset to be classified as...

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Yale Endowment on Puerto Rican Debt

How does Yale’s endowment invest in Puerto Rican debt? Yale does not directly invest in Puerto Rican debt; it invests through fund managers and private equity firms. According to Charles Decker GRD ’18, Ward 9 alder and a leader of the Yale...

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Origins of Bowdoin Endowment

A thousand dollars and a thousand acres is all it took to endow a school 225 years ago. Bowdoin’s endowment is as old as the College itself. Shortly after Bowdoin received its charter in 1794, James Bowdoin III gifted the college $1,000 and 1,000...

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