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Sustainable Investing Mini-Series


Conversations with Investors

Episode 142:  Sustainable Investing 4: Emanuel Citron – Sourcing Sustainable Managers
Episode 140:  Sustainable Investing 2: Liqian Ma – Allocator Perspective
Episode 136:  Daniel Adamson – Innovation from Asset Giants at Capital Constellation
Episode 134:  Tim McCusker – Advising Through a Crisis at NEPC
Episode 133:  Andy Golden – Navigating Princeton’s Endowment Through (Another) Crisis
Episode 131:  Sandra Robertson – Calibrating Oxford’s Portfolio in a Crisis
Episode 130:  Sandra Robertson – Oxford’s Queen of Endowment Management
Episode 129:  Steve Nelson – Assisting Private Equity Allocators Through Turbulent Times at ILPA
Episode 128:  Mark Baumgartner – Allocating in a Crisis at IAS
Episode 125:  Greg Fleming – Building and Running Rockefeller Capital Management
Episode 124:  Christie Hamilton – Tweeting on Allocation at Children’s Health
Episode 123:  Doug Phillips – Middle of the Fairway at the University of Rochester
Episode 121:  Ted Seides – A Rational Reminder
Episode 120:  Beezer Clarkson – Sapphire Gem of Early Stage Venture
Episode 116:  Neal Triplett and Kim Lew – Issues of Management at Duke and Carnegie
Episode 114:  Anne Martin – Pulling the Oars as CIO of Wesleyan University
Episode 113:  Steve Rattner – Overseeing Michael Bloomberg’s Family Office
Episode 112:  Dawn Fitzpatrick – Multi-Faceted Investing at Soros Fund Management
Episode 111:  Ana Marshall – Applied Direct Investing at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Episode 108:  Matt Whineray – Innovation at New Zealand Super Fund
Episode 106:  David Druley – Structure into Action at Cambridge Associates
Episode 105:  Jon Harris – Investing in People at AIM
Episode 104:  Ash Williams – Florida SBA’s Reigning Chief
Episode 103:  Sam Sicilia – Seizing on a Long Time Horizon at HostPlus
Episode 100:  Tim Recker – Concentration at the Irvine Foundation
Episode 98:  Jon Hirtle – The Pioneer of OCIO
Episode 94:  Ted Seides – Interviewing and Manager Meetings
Episode 86:  Chris Ailman – CalSTRS’ Venerable CIO
Episode 84:  Donna Snider – Inside the Investment Process at the Kresge Foundation
Episode 83:  Ron Biscardi – Putting Hedge Funds in Context
Episode 80:  Tim McCusker – Consistency and Creativity at NEPC
Episode 77:  Mark Baumgartner – Luck, Risk and Uncertainty at the Institute for Advanced Study
Episode 74:  Karl Scheer – Competing Sensibly as CIO of the University of Cincinnati
Episode 73:  Andrew Tsai – Catching a Theme on the Chalkstream
Episode 71:  Michael Batnick – The Best Investors and Their Biggest Mistakes
Episode 70:  Raphael Arndt – Australia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund CIO
Episode 66:  Kristian Fok – Australia’s CBUS Superannuation CIO
Episode 63:  Roz Hewsenian – Helmsley Trust’s Chief of People and Process
Episode 62:  Charley Ellis – Indexing and Its Alternatives
Episode 60:  Anthony Scaramucci – It’s Called a Mooch
Episode 57:  Brian Portnoy – From Complex to Simple
Episode 54:  John Pfeffer – Crypto for Institutions
Episode 52:  Kim Lew – The Carnegie Way
Episode 50:  James Williams – Curating the Getty’s Assets
Episode 48:  Steven Galbraith – In the Boardroom
Episode 47:  Chris Brockmeyer – On Broadway
Episode 45:  Ted Seides – It’s Not About the Money
Episode 44:  Wayne Wicker – Managing for Millions who Matter
Episode 38:  Seth Masters – Investment Polymath
Episode 37:  Bill Spitz – Seasoned Commodore
Episode 35:  Margaret Chen – Leadership and Outsourcing the Investment Office
Episode 34:  Ted Seides – Deep Dive into Hedge Funds
Episode 33:  Chris Acito – Credit Where Credit is Due
Episode 31:  Meredith Jenkins – A Path to Trinity
Episode 28:  Jason Klein – Investing to Cure Cancer
Episode 27:  Ellen Ellison – Playing to Your Strengths
Episode 25:  Scott Malpass – The Fighting Irish’s Twelfth Man
Episode 24:  Jim Dunn – Protect, Perform, Provide
Episode 23:  Dan Egan – Better Investment Outcomes
Episode 20:  Kip McDaniel – CIO Whisperer
Episode 17:  Adam Blitz – Inside Hedge Fund Allocation
Episode 14:  Chris Douvos – Venture Capital’s Super LP
Episode 13:  Andrew Golden – Beyond the Long Term
Episode 12:  Mario Therrien – The Canadian Pension Model
Episode 11:  Larry Kochard – Endowment Professor
Episode 8:    Charley Ellis – Multiple Ways to Win
Episode 7:    Jennifer Heller – Thinking it Through
Episode 6:    Josh Brown – When Witchcraft Failed
Episode 5:    Ted Seides – The Bet with Buffett
Episode 4:    Tom Lenehan – Perpetual Thinking at Rockefeller University
Episode 3:    Brett Barth – Asset Allocation for Families
Episode 2:    André Perold – Academic Practitioner

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Conversations with Managers

Episode 146:  Sustainable Investing 8: Lauren Taylor Wolfe – Activist Perspective
Episode 145:  Sustainable Investing 7: Tony Davis – Hedge Fund Perspective at Inherent Group
Episode 144:  Sustainable Investing 6: Richard Lawrence – ESG Integration at Overlook
Episode 143:  Sustainable Investing 5: David Blood – Pioneering a Generation
Episode 141:  Sustainable Investing 3: Bob Litterman – Pricing Climate Risk
Episode 139:  Sustainable Investing 1: Wendy Cromwell – The $170 Trillion Opportunity
First Meeting Episode 20: Clarke Futch – Healthcare Royalty Partners
First Meeting Episode 19:  Brett Jefferson – Capturing Inefficiencies in Structured Credit at Hildene Capital Management
First Meeting Episode 18:  Eric Peters – Trading and Evolution at One River
First Meeting Episode 17:  Ben Inker – Value Investing at GMO
First Meeting Episode 16:  Mike Mauzé – Escape Velocity for CPG Brands at VMG Partners
First Meeting Episode 15:  Dan Rasmussen – Private Equity Risk and Public Equity Opportunity at Verdad Advisers
First Meeting Episode 14:  Peter Kraus – Widening the Aperture on Alpha
First Meeting Episode 13:  Drew Dickson – Blending Behavior and Fundamentals at Albert Bridge Capital
First Meeting Episode 12:  Jason Karp – From Hedge Funds to Health and Wellness at HumanCo
First Meeting Episode 11:  Ash Fontana – Investing in Artificial Intelligence at Zetta Ventures
First Meeting Episode 10:  Jay Girotto – Farmland Opportunity
First Meeting Episode 9:  Joe Lonsdale – Entrepreneurship and 8VC
First Meeting Episode 8:  Michael Schwimer – Sports Betting at JAMBOS
First Meeting Episode 7:  Scott Kupor – Andreesson Horowitz
First Meeting Episode 6:  Michael Novogratz – Galaxy Digital
First Meeting Episode 5:  Paul Black – WCM Investment Management
First Meeting Episode 4:  André Bourbonnais – Blackrock Long-Term Private Capital
First Meeting Episode 3:  Richard Lawrence – Overlook Investments
First Meeting Episode 2:  Martin Whittaker – JUST Capital
First Meeting Episode 1:  Patrick O’Shaughnessy – O’Shaughnessy Asset Management
Episode 96:  David Zorub – The Path to a Hedge Fund Launch
Episode 93:  Dan Ariely – Investing in Irrationality
Episode 92:  Jordi Visser – Next Generation of Manager Allocation
Episode 91:  Manny Friedman – EJF on Economic Opportunity Zones
Episode 90:  Thomas Russo – All About Google
Episode 89:  Thomas Russo – All About Berkshire Hathaway
Episode 88:  Matt Botein – Flexible Investing and Institutional Challenges
Episode 87:  Rahul Moodgal – Master Fund Raiser
Episode 85:  Steve Kuhn – Life After Hedge Funds
Episode 82:  Jean Hynes – Inside Wellington Management
Episode 79:  Brent Beshore – Micro Buyout Adventur.es
Episode 78:  Tom Bushey – Launching a Hedge Fund
Episode 72:  Michael Schwimer – Moneyball as an Investment Strategy
Episode 65:  Josh Wolfe – Seeing the Lux
Episode 61:  Manny Friedman – Non-Linear Financial Systems
Episode 59:  Peter Troob – Monkey Business in High Yield
Episode 53:  Ross Israel – Stable, Predictable Cash Flows
Episode 51:  Paul Black – Gratitude, Fun, and Growth Stocks
Episode 46:  Andy Redleaf – Evolution of Markets
Episode 41:  Rick Selvala – Harvesting Volatility
Episode 40:  Ali Hamed – Novel Asset Investing
Episode 43:  Clare Flynn Levy and Cameron Hight – Moneyball for Managers
Episode 42:  Basil Qunibi – Moneyball for Allocators
Episode 32:  Paul Johnson and Paul Sonkin – The Perfect Investment
Episode 30:  Larry Mestel – Making Music Royalties Sing
Episode 21:  Richard Lawrence – Compounding in Asia
Episode 16:  Thomas Russo – Buy and Hold…and Then What
Episode 9:    Jeffrey Solomon – Vision, Tenacity, and Empathy
Episode 1:    Steven Galbraith – Five Tool Player

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Conversations with Strategists

Episode 137:  Laurence Siegel – Current Myths and Long-Term Optimism
Episode 127:  Michael Mauboussin – Consilient Observations in a Crisis
Episode 126:  James Aitken – Systemic Risk in a Crisis
Episode 122:  James Aitken – Tour Around the World from a Small Island
Episode 119:  Greg Zuckerman – Decoding Renaissance Medallion
Episode 115:  Kip McDaniel – How to Get an Allocator’s Attention
Episode 110:  Jonathan Tepper – Variant Perception of Capitalism
Episode 99:  Michael Mauboussin – Who’s On the Other Side?
Episode 97:  Matt Levine – Money Stuff
Episode 58:  James Aitken – Macro Strategist Extraordinaire
Episode 56:  Tom Lydon – ETF Trends
Episode 49:  Michael Cembalest – Eye on the Market
Episode 36:  Michael Mauboussin – Active Challenges, Rational Decisions and Team Dynamics
Episode 29:  Ashby Monk – Asset Giant Futurist

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Conversations with Interdisciplinary Thought Leaders

Episode 138:  Daylian Cain – Master Class in Negotiations
Episode 134:  Michael Mervosh – Investing in Yourself During a Crisis
Episode 132: Annie Duke – Decision Making in a Crisis
Episode 117:  Dr. Sarel Vorster – Conducting Brain Surgery
Episode 109:  Gary Klein with Paul Johnson and Paul Sonkin – Conducting Pre-Mortem Analysis
Episode 107:  Eric Ries – Lean Start-Ups and the Long-Term Stock Exchange
Episode 102:  Jon Wertheim – Sports AND…
Episode 101:  Khe Hy – Radical Shift from Investing to Purpose
Episode 95:  Paul Rabil – Lacrosse and Entrepreneurship
Episode 81:  Jennifer Prosek – Branding an Asset Management Firm
Episode 76:  Annie Duke – Thinking More in Bets
Episode 75:  Michael Lombardi – Leadership Through Football
Episode 69:  Stephen McKeon – Professor of Crypto Security Tokens
Episode 68:  Michael Mervosh – Invest in Yourself
Episode 67:  Sarah Williamson – Focusing Capital on the Long-Term
Episode 64:  Ben Reiter – Moneyball 2.0
Episode 55:  Tali Sharot – Optimism, Decisions, and Mistakes
Episode 39:  Annie Duke – Improving Decision Making
Episode 26:  David Barrett – Searching for Leaders
Episode 22:  Chatri Sityodtong – Warrior Spirit
Episode 19:  Dan Schorr – Death, Ice Cream, and Entrepreneurship
Episode 18:  Thomas DeLong – Authentic Leadership
Episode 10:  David “Bull” Gurfein – Interdisciplinary Lessons from the Marines

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Bonus Episodes

Episode 118:  Best of 2019
Bonus:  The Top 10 Episodes of 2018
Special Episode:  Jeffrey Solomon – Grief and Goodness in Squirrel Hill
Episode 15:  Hardly a Waste of Time

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