Episodes Available to Members

Tim Recker - Concentration at the Irvine Foundation (EP.100)
Michael Mauboussin - Who's on the Other Side? (EP.99)
Jon Hirtle - The Pioneer of OCIO (EP.98)
Matt Levine - Money Stuff (EP.97)
David Zorub - The Path to a Hedge Fund Launch (EP.96)
Paul Rabil - Lacrosse and Entrepreneurship (EP.95)
Ted Seides - Interviewing and Manager Meetings (EP.94)
Dan Ariely – Investing in Irrationality (EP.93)
Jordi Visser – Next Generation of Manager Allocation (EP.92)
Manny Friedman - EJF on Economic Opportunity Zones (EP.91)
Thomas Russo - All About Google (EP.90)
Thomas Russo - All About Berkshire Hathaway (EP.89)
Matt Botein - Flexible Investing and Institutional Challenges (EP.88)
Rahul Moodgal - Master Fund Raiser (EP.87)
Chris Ailman – CalSTRS’ Venerable CIO (EP.86)
Steve Kuhn - Life After Hedge Funds (EP.85)
Donna Snider – Inside the Investment Process at the Kresge Foundation (EP.84)
Ron Biscardi - Putting Hedge Funds in Context (EP.83)
Jean Hynes – Inside Wellington Management (EP.82)
Jennifer Prosek – Branding an Asset Management Firm (EP.81)
The Top 10 Episodes of 2018
Tim McCusker – Consistency and Creativity at NEPC (EP.80)
Brent Beshore - Micro Buyout Adventur.es (EP.79)
Tom Bushey – Launching a Hedge Fund (EP.78)
Mark Baumgartner – Luck, Risk and Uncertainty at the Institute for Advanced Study (EP.77)
Annie Duke - Thinking More in Bets (EP.76)
Michael Lombardi - Leadership Through Football (EP.75)
Jeffrey Solomon - Grief and Goodness in Squirrel Hill (SPECIAL EPISODE)
Karl Scheer – Competing Sensibly as CIO of the University of Cincinnati (EP.74)
Andrew Tsai - Catching a Theme on the Chalkstream (EP.73)
Michael Schwimer - Moneyball as an Investment Strategy (EP.72)
Michael Batnick - The Best Investors and Their Biggest Mistakes (EP.71)
Andrew Golden - Princeton University's Chief Investing Tiger (EP.13)
Raphael Arndt – Australia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund CIO (EP.70)
Stephen McKeon - Professor of Crypto Security Tokens (EP.69)
Michael Mervosh – Invest in Yourself (EP.68)
Sarah Williamson – Focusing Capital on the Long-Term (EP.67)
Kristian Fok - Australia’s CBUS Superannuation CIO (EP.66)
Josh Wolfe - Seeing the Lux (EP.65)
Ben Reiter - Moneyball 2.0 (EP.64)
Roz Hewsenian - Helmsley Trust’s Chief of People and Process (EP.63)
Charley Ellis - Indexing and Its Alternatives (EP.62)
Manny Friedman - Non-Linear Financial Systems (EP.61)
Anthony Scaramucci - It's Called A Mooch (EP.60)
Peter Troob – Monkey Business in High Yield (EP.59)
James Aitken - Macro Strategist Extraordinaire (EP.58)
Brian Portnoy - From Complex to Simple (EP.57)
Tom Lydon - ETF Trends (EP.56)
Tali Sharot – Optimism, Decisions and Mistakes (EP.55)
John Pfeffer - Crypto for Institutions (EP. 54)
Ross Israel - Stable, Predictable Cash Flows (EP.53)
Kim Lew - The Carnegie Way (EP.52)
Paul Black - Gratitude, Fun, and Growth Stocks (EP.51)
James Williams – Curating The Getty’s Assets (EP.50)
Michael Cembalest - Eye on the Market (EP.49)
Steven Galbraith - In the Boardroom (EP.48)
Chris Brockmeyer - On Broadway (EP. 47)
Andy Redleaf - Evolution of Markets (EP.46)
It's Not About the Money (EP.45)