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Episode 53:  Ross Israel - Stable, Predictable Cash Flows
Episode 52:  Kim Lew - The Carnegie Way
Episode 51:  Paul Black - Gratitude, Fun, and Growth Stocks
Episode 50:  James Williams - Curating the Getty's Assets
Episode 49:  Michael Cembalest - Eye on the Market
Episode 48:  Steven Galbraith - In the Boardroom
Episode 47:  Chris Brockmeyer - On Broadway
Episode 46:  Andy Redleaf - Evolution of Markets
Episode 45:  It's Not About the Money
Episode 44:  Wayne Wicker - Managing for Millions who Matter
Episode 43:  Clare Flynn Levy and Cameron Hight - Moneyball for Managers
Episode 42:  Basil Qunibi - Moneyball for Allocators
Episode 41:  Rick Selvala - Harvesting Volatility
Episode 40:  Ali Hamed - Novel Asset Investing
Episode 39:  Annie Duke - Improving Decision Making
Episode 38:  Seth Masters - Investment Polymath
Episode 37:  Bill Spitz - Seasoned Commodore
Episode 36:  Michael Mauboussin - Active Challenges, Rational Decisions and Team Dynamics
Episode 35:  Margaret Chen - Leadership and Outsourcing the Investment Office
Episode 34:  Deep Dive into Hedge Funds
Episode 33:  Chris Acito - Credit Where Credit is Due
Episode 32:  Paul Johnson and Paul Sonkin - The Perfect Investment
Episode 31:  Meredith Jenkins - A Path to Trinity
Episode 30:  Larry Mestel - Making Music Royalties Sing
Episode 29:  Ashby Monk - Asset Giant Futurist
Episode 28:  Jason Klein - Investing to Cure Cancer
Episode 27:  Ellen Ellison - Playing to Your Strengths
Episode 26:  David Barrett - Searching for Leaders
Episode 25:  Scott Malpass - The Fighting Irish's Twelfth Man
Episode 24:  Jim Dunn - Protect, Perform, Provide
Episode 23:  Dan Egan - Better Investment Outcomes
Episode 22:  Chatri Sityodtong - Warrior Spirit
Episode 21:  Richard Lawrence - Compounding in Asia
Episode 20:  Kip McDaniel - CIO Whisperer
Episode 19:  Dan Schorr - Death, Ice Cream, and Entrepreneurship
Episode 18:  Thomas DeLong - Authentic Leadership
Episode 17:  Adam Blitz - Inside Hedge Fund Allocation
Episode 16:  Thomas Russo - Buy and Hold...and Then What
Episode 15:  Hardly a Waste of Time
Episode 14:  Chris Douvos - Venture Capital's Super LP
Episode 13:  Andrew Golden - Beyond the Long Term
Episode 12:  Mario Therrien - The Canadian Pension Model
Episode 11:  Larry Kochard - Endowment Professor
Episode 10:  David "Bull" Gurfein - Interdisciplinary Lessons from the Marines
Episode 9:    Jeffrey Solomon - Vision, Tenacity, and Empathy
Episode 8:    Charley Ellis - Multiple Ways to Win
Episode 7:    Jennifer Heller - Thinking it Through
Episode 6:    Josh Brown - When Witchcraft Failed
Episode 5:    The Bet with Buffett
Episode 4:    Tom Lenehan - Perpetual Thinking at Rockefeller University
Episode 3:    Brett Barth - Asset Allocation for Families
Episode 2:    André Perold - Academic Practitioner
Episode 1:    Steven Galbraith - Five Tool Player