Private Podcasts


As an outgrowth of Capital Allocators, Ted works with money managers to help tell their story through First Meetings, Client Updates, and Private Label Podcasts.

First Meeting

Ted interviews money managers to replicate a first meeting an allocator would have with the manager. Managers use these interviews to save time, create scale, and increase efficiency in the marketing process. This presentation describes the offering and a sample of one of the outputs. The service launched in 2020, separate from the Capital Allocators podcast. Ted has conducted private first meetings with managers with AUM ranging from $200 million to $25 billion.


Client Updates

Ted works with James Aitken of Aitken Advisors to regularly update James’ clients on his views.


Private Label Podcast

Ted works with WCM Investment Management to create and host Defy the Fade, an internal podcast for WCM’s team. Episodes included quarterly updates, discussion of new strategies, and a 10-episode ‘How We Built This’ describing the history of the firm from the voices of its leaders.