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Harvard CFO on Surviving the Recession

The CFO was asked whether the school could survive another recession. We’ve done a lot of recession-based scenario planning, and the University is in a much better position than we were following the 2008 financial crisis with respect to...

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Endowment Payout at Harvard

In their latest financial report, the school describes the purpose of the endowment and how it works. The University’s endowment spending practice has to balance two competing goals: the need to fund the operating budget with a stable and...

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Harvard Endowment Performance 2019

Harvard announced their endowment figures last week. HMC [Harvard Management Company], which invests the University’s endowment and other financial assets, announced today that during fiscal 2019, the endowment’s value increased 4.3 percent, to...

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Gift Policy at Harvard

Should a school return a gift years after accepting it? When asked for the gift policy, [University spokesperson Jonathan L.] Swain offered a statement instead. “The gift policy is designed to ensure that no gift to Harvard will provide a donor...

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Endowment Purpose at Harvard

Three years ago, Congress asked 56 schools to provide more information on their endowments. Harvard published their response online. The Harvard University endowment is not a single account, but rather is made up of more than 13,000 individual...

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Restructuring Pay at Harvard Endowment

How much does a University President make? How about an endowment chief? Who makes more? Faust Made $1.7 Million in 2017, Bacow’s Salary As President Unknown Until 2020, The Harvard Crimson Harvard Endowment CEO Reaps $9.3 Million Payday in...

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Commercializing Research at Harvard

The effort to commercialize research has a long, haphazard history in higher ed. But schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT organize their commercialization efforts through one department. At Harvard that department is called the Office of...

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